Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mom Update

As of yesterday morning my mom is #3 on the transplant list. The doctors were able to get her a higher score for her liver, which moved her up the list. The #2 person on the list is waiting for a liver and a kidney, so my mom may actually get her liver sooner.

As this news arrived we are all overwhelmed with the reality that this transplant is going to happen. Everyone has been so encouraging, and this is what we have been praying for. Because of that, it's strange that we are mainly feeling overwhelmed and scared. A transplant is a HUGE deal. And, I think we were all hoping that Christmas this year would fall low on the drama list for us.

The transplant could happen any day. Until then, please pray for peace for my mom as she awaits a very scary thing. Pray that she and my dad will not be overwhelmed by To Do Lists and What Ifs.

Random Transplant Facts:
- Piedmont Hospital does an average of 85 transplants a year. (That's more than one a week!)
- After a transplant the patient is usually in the ICU on a breathing machine with several tubes and drains for 3 days.
- Piedmont Hospital has a 93% first year survival rate for transplant recipients.

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Been Awhile!

It's been awhile since I've blogged. Um, more like almost 10 months. Once you stop posting, it's hard to get started again. I'm sitting on my couch watching Say Yes To The Dress. Why do we watch this stuff? (I'm assuming others do too!) I'm counting down the minutes to when my kids will wake up, knowing that the days of both kids napping are almost over.

Let's see...Updates...
Parker is obsessed with superheroes, especially Batman, and Disney princesses. Interesting.
He dresses himself, takes medicine without throwing a fit, helped decorate the tree (really helped), and can actually be reasoned with. Basically, he's growing up. It's pretty cool.

Abigail is spunky, sassy, and confident. She always walks with a purpose, loves anything that sparkles, is picky about which skinny jeans she gets to wear, has Eric completely wrapped around her little finger and explained to Santa today how to get into our house and drop off her 2 presents that she has to have.

Eric is truly amazing. He makes it look simple to juggle work, kids and a high maintenance wife.

Here are the kids' school pictures this year. I love them!