Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm Incorporating Myself

For tax purposes I'm going to incorporate myself for my contract work. What should I name my company? Any ideas?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Weekend

Eric got to cash in on the birthday present I gave him. Sunday night he swam with the fish at the Georgia Aquarium. This is him with a whale shark swimming by him. The whole experience was fabulous for him and for us. It's worth the money. The kids and I got a "behind the scenes" tour for free while Eric got ready for the dive. We also got to tour the aquarium after closing hours, see how the tanks work, see the nurseries where they care for the fish, and the classrooms where they train the employees. We LOVED it!
Parker graduated to a toddler bed this weekend. The first night I found him asleep on the floor in the corner of his room with his blanket. Last night he fell out of the bed twice without waking up. Notice Nemo now sleeps with him.
Parker and Abigail enjoy watching Nemo together. Parker is becoming quite protective of his little sister.
What? Abigail is actually sleeping?

Friday, July 25, 2008


Wow! Things have been busy around our house lately. A lot has happened since I last posted.
  • My little sister, Abbie, had her baby, Cali.
  • Abigail laughs now.
  • Parker speaks in complete sentences.
  • Parker knows all uppercase letters, half of the lowercase, and counts to 22.
  • We wake up on average 4 times a night between the two kids. Stop the madness!
  • I still haven't cleaned the basement/ downstairs. Ever.
  • My aunt, uncle, and cousin from NM came for a week. Fun!
  • The Laser Show no longer plays "God Bless The USA".
  • 2 more pairs of pants fit!
  • My kids' naps officially do not match. I'm home all day. Come over!
  • Eric has bushy hair.
  • Abigail reached out and grabbed an object yesterday.
  • Rocky ate another chipmunk.

That's about it. I'll post pictures later.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Our internet has been out for awhile. I'll update you with pictures...

Parker's favorite thing is to play "night night" with Abigail.

I made my first cake with fondant icing for Eric's party. It looked great, but didn't taste very well. Let me know if you have any tricks for making that icing taste good.

Who's enjoying the baby toys?

My little blue-eyed baby.