Friday, September 26, 2008

Boston, The Zoo, and Cali

This is my favorite picture from Boston. We took a Duck tour on evening after Eric finished work. He was oddly obsessed with the Duck tour, fascinated by the bus turning into a boat.

We've been to the doctor 5 times in the last 3 weeks. Parker's ear infection, Parker's virus, Abigail's thigh rub that didn't turn out to be thigh rub at all, Abigail to the ER in Dallas for a virus, and Parker's virus that settled into his hip joint causing him to not be able to walk. Oh yes, the medical bills are high this year. Here's a picture of Abigail in the ER in Dallas. It was traumatic, but she looked cute in her baby hospital gown.

This is a picture of Abigail with her 2 month old cousin, Cali. Cali and Abbi played so well together. So well, in fact, that Cali had to go to the ER last night for a virus. This picture shows you the size of my little girl.

Yesterday we went to the zoo where we spent most of the time looking at the flamingos. Parker thought they were big pink ducks.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pictures and The Oven Man

The oven man just left. This was the conversation:

Sandi: Hi! Let me show you the problem.
Oven Man (OM): Okay
Sandi: The oven will beep that it's ready at say, 400 degrees, I'll stick my food in and it won't cook. But, it will cook in the bottom oven, so I know it's the top ov
OM: Stop, stop, stop.
Sandi: But
OM: Stop. Did you wait for 3 beeps?
Sandi: What?
OM: Did you wait for 3 beeps? The first beep tells you that you can stick your food in, but the oven really isn't ready. You have to wait for the 3rd beep.
Sandi: What?
OM: The oven isn't ready until the 3rd beep.
Sandi: I've never heard 3 beeps and I've been using this oven for 6 months. The oven is broken.
OM: The problem is that you didn't wait for 3 beeps.
Sandi: Do you eat biscuits?
OM: What?
Sandi: Do you eat biscuits?
OM: Yes.
Sandi: The oven beeped. I put the biscuits in. After 35 minutes they still weren't cooked. I turned on the bottom oven. They were cooked in the bottom after 10 minutes.
OM: Maybe your oven's broken. You want me to look at it?


Anyways. Here's P his first day of school. We went out for ice cream when I picked him up.

Abigail eating rice cereal.

The Past Two Weeks

I haven't felt like blogging lately. Do you ever get bummed over the blog world thing? I know I'm right there with everyone else. I love reading other people's blogs. I especially love it for like my cousins, family, overseas friends and people that it's hard to keep up with otherwise. I don't like, however, that it takes the place of real friendships, phone calls, and the personal touch of life. I look back on the last year and I've noticed that the people I'm growing closer to are not the ones whose blogs I read, but the ones who I call and make an effort to see. Am I old fashioned? I feel good when I see the ticker number on my blog go up. But, I feel loved and special when a friend gives me a call. I'm not writing this to get a bunch of phone calls. (I'm laughing right now just thinking about it.) It's just the thing that's been on my mind lately. So, for those of you I don't talk to much.... Here's a glimpse of the Glidewell life lately...

  • Abigail is now trying to eat solids.
  • Parker is in a "no eating" phase unless it's something like french fries, cookies, or ice cream.
  • Parker started preschool!
  • We had fleas. Had. Hopefully, had, not have still.
  • I cleaned the basement, 5 times, only because we had fleas.
  • Parker learned that Abigail will suck on his big toe in the car when I'm not looking.
  • Parker also realized that he can get out of his bed.
  • I realized that some days I have to put Parker back in his bed 16 times before he falls asleep. And even then, triaminic nighttime was used.
  • Abigail likes the exersaucer.
  • Abigail's hair can fit into pigtails.
  • Eric had a work thing in Boston.
  • I went with Eric to Boston. I played. He worked.
  • The fish tank turned green.
  • Our renter moved out of our old house. Anyone want a house downtown?
  • We made it to September!

Pictures to follow later. I need to let the oven man in. Oh yeah, and the oven broke!